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Accommodation FAQs

Please find below a list of Frequently Asked Questions relating to accommodation at Warbirds Downunder.

Can I camp under the wing of my aircraft?2018-10-05T13:57:47+00:00

Under-wing camping is not available for Warbirds Downunder. There are two camping areas available on the Aerodrome including Squadron Tent Barracks (SOLD OUT) which is set up as a tent village and is very handy for those that fly in. Temora Shire Council also operates an airfield caravan and camping area on the Aerodrome. Sites in Meteor campground can paid for on arrival (Fri-Sat two night minimum). All people onsite must have a two day ticket for Warbirds Downunder available here.

How do I book a hotel and where in the area?2018-03-21T10:27:15+00:00

Please click here for the links to the Visitor Information Centre websites of surrounding towns. They will be able to direct you to any available accommodation in the area.

I don’t have my own tent, can I hire one?2018-10-05T14:01:29+00:00

Yes. If you don’t have any camping gear, don’t panic! Just rent a tent for Warbirds Downunder at Squadron Tent Barracks (SOLD OUT). The tents are set up ready for you to sleep in Friday and Saturday nights (with an option to add Thursday night), and then dismantled for you on Sunday.

Can I bring my caravan?2018-03-21T10:23:19+00:00

Yes, we have a number of powered and unpowered van sites available. Please click here for more information about the different types of Airfield Campground sites.

Can I have a BBQ in the campgrounds?2018-03-21T13:35:25+00:00

Yes, BBQs are permitted to be used in the campgrounds at Warbirds Downunder.

Can I have an open fire in the campgrounds?2018-03-21T10:18:19+00:00

Unfortunately open fires are prohibited in the campgrounds at Warbirds Downunder.

What can I bring?2018-03-21T13:49:23+00:00

Permitted Items

  • Gas bottles and small BBQs
  • Eskies and coolers
  • Generators to be used only between the hours of 8am and 8pm

Prohibited Items

Please note that prohibited items may be confiscated so if in doubt, leave it at home. Prohibited items include:

  • Offensive weapons, including potential missiles
  • Illegal substances
  • Flares, fireworks or sparklers
  • Drums
  • Fires and open flames of any kind (Gas BBQ’s excepted)
  • Sound systems
  • Portable laser equipment and pens
  • Any other item deemed to be dangerous or offensive or potentially dangerous by event organisers
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) and any other forms of Drones or powered Models are prohibited by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority to be used or operated at Aerodromes or within 30 meters of any other person. You could be fined up to $4000 so do not bring them to Warbirds Downunder.
Is there power for my sleep apnoea (CPAP) machine?2018-04-09T14:23:10+00:00

The Tiger Moth campground is the only powered campground. If you are staying in one of the following campgrounds, Boomerang, Meteor, Wirraway, Hudson or Spitfire, you will need to provide your own power for your CPAP machine. If you are staying in Squadron Tent Barracks, you will also need to provide your own power for your CPAP machine.

Please note that generators are only to be used between the hours of 8am and 8pm.

Where do I go when I arrive?2018-03-21T10:10:22+00:00

When you arrive you will be directed along Airport Road to a check-in point. After you have checked in, a volunteer will take you to your campground.

What types of campsites are available?2018-10-05T14:03:34+00:00

Two different types of accommodation will be available on site at Warbirds Downunder 2018, Airfield Camping and Squadron Tent Barracks ‘Glamping’ (SOLD OUT). Please click here for more information about the types of Airfield Camping sites available.

How much are campsites?2018-10-05T14:05:05+00:00

Please click here for Airfield Campground prices and please click here for Squadron Tent Barracks (SOLD OUT) prices.

How do I purchase camping tickets?2018-10-05T14:07:30+00:00

Please click here for more information on camping available.

Are there disabled facilities available within the campgrounds?2018-02-22T12:08:33+00:00

Unfortunately there are no disabled facilities available within the Airfield Campgrounds. However, there will be disabled toilet and shower facilities available if you stay at Squadron Tent Barracks.

What size are the campsites?2018-04-10T10:02:33+00:00

The campsites are approximately 8m x 6m. Please ensure all your belongings stay within this area.

If you require a bigger site to accommodate a larger caravan or RV, please purchase an additional site.

Can I book extra nights?2018-10-05T14:08:45+00:00

You will be able to book additional nights before the airshow on arrival (EFTPOS only). Airfield campsites are available from Monday 8th October 2018.

Can I get a refund on my site if I am unable to attend?2017-04-07T12:05:33+00:00

No, we have a no refund policy.

Are the number of sites limited?2017-04-07T12:05:29+00:00

Yes they are, so get in quick.

Can I swap my campground at a later time?2018-02-22T12:11:55+00:00

No, once you have selected your campground type, you cannot change it.

What tickets do I need to purchase in order to camp on the airfield or Squadron Tent Barracks?2018-03-21T10:03:54+00:00

If you are staying in one of the Airfield Campgrounds, or Squadron Tent Barracks, you must purchase a TWO DAY admission ticket for Warbirds Downunder 2018.

Please note that your event ticket will be checked when you arrive at the camping check-in. If you do not hold a valid two day event pass, you will be directed to the box office to purchase the relevant ticket.

How many vehicles can I have on my site?2017-04-07T12:05:19+00:00

As space is limited, only one vehicle will be permitted per site.

Who is operating the campground?2017-04-07T12:05:16+00:00

Temora Shire Council own the airfield and operate the campground for Warbirds Downunder. The people you will meet, who are checking you in and placing you on a site, are all volunteers, so please be patient and respectful.

Will my site be located with my friends?2018-03-21T10:05:08+00:00

You are purchasing a site within a campground – not a specific site number. Sites will be filled as guests arrive, so if you wish to be beside your friends you must all check in at the same time.

Can I purchase multiple camping sites?2017-04-07T12:05:09+00:00

Yes. You can purchase as many sites as you would like.

Can I bring my dog or other pets?2018-03-21T11:14:11+00:00

Unfortunately, dogs and other pets are not allowed on the event site or at Squadron Tent Barracks. Guide dogs are, of course, an exception to this rule.

If you are staying in an Airfield Campground, pets are allowed, but must be on a lead at all times.

If your question was not answered here, please contact info@warbirdsdownunderairshow.com.au

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