Permitted Items

  • Gas bottles and small BBQs
  • Eskies and coolers
  • Generators to be used only between the hours of 8am and 8pm

Prohibited Items

Please note that prohibited items may be confiscated so if in doubt, leave it at home. Prohibited items include:

  • Offensive weapons, including potential missiles
  • Illegal substances
  • Flares, fireworks or sparklers
  • Drums
  • Fires and open flames of any kind (Gas BBQ’s excepted)
  • Sound systems
  • Portable laser equipment and pens
  • Any other item deemed to be dangerous or offensive or potentially dangerous by event organisers
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) and any other forms of Drones or powered Models are prohibited by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority to be used or operated at Aerodromes or within 30 meters of any other person. You could be fined up to $25200 so do not bring them to Warbirds Downunder.